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Welcome to Hangout Cebu!

This is a community site for all kinds of people who are interested in the Queen City of the South! Cebu!

Cebu City: Magellan’s Cross
- Be Informed -Be the first to know about the current events and happenings in the everyday life of Cebu. We are going to feature news and articles regarding politics and governance within Cebu.Lifestyles and trends! Hangout Cebu is also going to update you on the latest trends on the hottest fashion statements and newly practiced lifestyles that is becoming more and more popular in the Cebuano culture.- Chill and Relax -

Party places for the party people! We’ll be featuring the most popular Gig places up to the newly discovered ones. Know where to hang out with the right prices without worrying about your budget!

Feel like interacting with other people in and out of Cebu? Then feel free to join us in our Forums! Wherein you can make new friends or even meet people who can be more than friends!

Here are some of the topics Hangout Cebu will be featuring.

  • Current Events – We’ll be updating you on the latest events and news that is happening in and around Cebu.
  • Lifestyles – From the latest trendy fashions to the different lifestyles of Cebuanos.
  • Hangout and Places – The best travel destinations both suitable for tourists and for the local Cebuanos. We’ll also be featuring the hottest Hangouts and Party gigs for the Party people.
  • Gizmo and Techno – Who said that the Cebuanos aren’t gadget freaks? From tech freaks to net geeks!
  • Entertainment – Showbiz at it’s best! May it be local, national or even the Hollywood itself!
  • Marco’s Bistro – Irrelevant mumblings and Personal thoughts from the writer himself.

Hangout Cebu


Apart from its rich culture and beautiful spots, Cebu City will also give you a mouth-watering experience when you get to visit these places which will surely satisfy your craving for food. From high-end and classy restaurants up to the most affordable foods in the street, Cebu City will treat your hunger to places that are convenient for people and Cebuanos from all walks of life as well... » more

Marco's Bistro

A new Formo adventure begins with Formo Fanatic this month of June take note of the color code to get free cocktail…. And it all begins on Sunday withS u n d a y U n w i n dTake a break from the hectic dance vibe and prep for the week ahead with c h i l l o u t m u s i c, good vibes and great cocktails with the four-hour happy hours from 6 p.m.- 10 p.m.M o n d a y C l... » more

Along with the practical purpose of cars and transport is the provision on giving entertainment as well. Unlike before when cars only serve to transport people and cargo from one place to another, a variety of uses have now become part of having a car. Due to the combination of different manufacturing methods, car companies are now able to come up with models that... » more

The adage that says, “Hitting two birds with one stone,” definitely becomes a reality when you travel. Wherever you may dream to go, there... » more

September 02, 2009

If you have been planning to sell or buy a residential property, there are many ways to do so. But the big question is... » more

September 27, 2009

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Current Events

Cebu City – the home of the aesthetic festivals of festivals; the sanctuary of beautiful and breath-taking pristine beaches; well-known for dried mangoes and... » more


Every year, Cebu City is lined up with series of events that will again give vim and vigour to all Cebuanos. These activities are... » more

Hangouts and Places

Location Crossroads Mall, Banilad, Cebu City Open Wednesdays-Saturdays 9 p.m. till sunriseWednesdays Dual level partying Main Room: hiphop/ R&B VIP Room: House music P100 cover charge with one... » more